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We stock a very nice selection of tack. Bridles, bits, roping supplies, saddle pads, girths, you name it and we probably have it.

Classic and Popular Western and English Saddles and Tack
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We stock the Wintec - Western Trail Saddles.

     Semi-Quarter Horse Bars Tree (Black Or Brown) $319.00
     Full- Quarter Horse Bars Tree (Black Or Brown) $332.00

Wintec Synthetic Saddle

  • duraleather (a composite synthetic material more durable than leather with low maintenance)
  • Equi-suede padded stitched seat (extra foam padded)
  • 16" and 17" Seat and Youth Sizes
  • Brown or Black

How to cinch your horse.

Weaver Nylon Felt Lined Straight Smart Cinch

Weaver Felt Girth

Features a 2-roller design that eliminates the need to pull leather against leather, so that you can easily and safely cinch up your horse. Rollers give you more leverage, making this cinch easier on the horse. Nylon with felt lining is comfortable on the horse.  Nylon off-billet holder. Rust-proof stainless steel buckle and dees.

Our price $37.96
Available in Black or Brown
24" to 36"

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Weaver 35-2405
Natural Blend 27 Strand Roper
Smart Cinch

27 Strand Roper Girth

Now featuring the new and improved Roll Snug® Cinch Buckle, the Smart Cinch® is now smarter than ever! The innovative, patented buckle's expertly-designed roller system now has less play so your latigo rolls more smoothly than ever. Designed with a contoured lip that keeps your latigo securely positioned, the buckle helps guide you for a straight pull every time. It's modern, sleek design also features a shaped buckle tongue with a hooked tip that helps keep your latigo locked down in place for added security. Natural blend construction features stainless steel hardware. Removable golden brown harness leather off billet holder is attached with hook and loop closures. U.S. Patent #6,688,086.

Our price $67.96

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Weaver Neoprene Girth

Weaver neoprene Girth

Easily and humanely cinch up a horse more securely the first time, every time with the exclusive Smart Cinch . This straight cinch is made from nylon and neoprene with the patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle. Shock-absorbing neoprene is easy-to-clean, withstands the elements, and moves with the horse. Webbing detaches from neoprene for easy cleaning. Nylon off billet holder. Stainless steel buckles and dees.

Our Price $48.96

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Tapered Breast Strap With Collar


Tory Brest SDtrap

Available in Dark Brown or Chestnut

Our Price $59.96

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Tory Flank Cinch with Connector

flank cinch

Available in Dark Brown or Chestnut

Tory #859

Our Price 44.96

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